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Ampurlife Books is a micro-publishing company. We currently support a very limited number of books which you will find detailed in the catalogue. Our books are published both as Kindle books, which are distributed worldwide through Amazon, and also as paperbacks which are often ISBN registered and are made available through online retailers such as Amazon and LuLu. Most of our books are also registered with the major bibliographic databases, including Nielsen and Bowker. This allows traditional high-street bookshops to order and stock our titles through Ingram. Some titles are also available to order in-store at outlets such as Waterstones Bookshops.

Bookshare is a program whereby the sharing and gifting of books is encouraged and supported. Click the bookshare link to find out more.

Aspiring writers can find out more about our current situation with regards to publishing in Resources.

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Looe Literary Festival

Looe Literary Festival Programme
Looe 2015
Stephen Richards at Looe Literary Festival
Looe Lit Fest Book Release
Book Release
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Stephen Richards at Looe Literary Festival

Writing factual or fictional books about your unique personal experiences can be for anyone, not just a writing elite. The author of ‘Write with Flash’ talks about tools, support, inspiration and training to assist aspiring writers as they set out to create their debut work.

Anyone who is interested in this live event but is unable to make it on the day, please contact the email below. If there is sufficient interest then it may be possible to run the presentation again in December.

Looe Literary Festival Presentation

Looe Literary Festival Download

Although nothing can substitute for a live event I have posted an outline of the presentation. Click the PDF logo to the left. This free download is available from Sunday 15th November for at least one week.

Click the poster below to see Looe Literary Festival on the web. Please check out the other authors presenting at the festival whilst on their site.

Are you an aspiring writer?

Learn how to write fiction and nonfiction

Learn how to Write with Flash: Memoir, Biography, Fact and Fiction

written by Dr Stephen Mark Richards

Illustrations by Joyce Richards

Flash is a writing form that can help aspiring writers transform their ideas into completed works and Write with Flash aims to show how that can be achieved.

Many people have written books but their number pales into insignificance when compared to the number of people who would like to write a book but never do. This does not mean that those unwritten books would have been without merit. On the contrary, what it really means is that millions of fascinating stories go to the grave with their would-be creators. The sad fact is, the unique qualities that each of those potential creators would have brought to those untold stories were never shared.

Without doubt, there are more unnoticed people with the potential to shine than are ever discovered. Only by sharing your light can anyone see how uniquely your light shines.

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How and why Ampurlife Books was established

Kindle and Print on demand

Ampurlife Books from the start

Ampurlife Books was started by Dr Stephen Mark Richards as a company to manage self-publication. This approach has been adopted by many writers who, for a variety of reasons, have made the decision to shortcut traditional publishing routes. In fact, the modern world of mass self-publication encourages such an approach. Sharing personally created content has become a global phenomenon through social media such as blogs, posts and tweets. The more formal world of traditional book publishing has been revolutionised by electronic book formats (EBooks), such as those delivered on the Kindle, and print-on-demand (POD) services for the production of paper-based books.

A self-publishing route may not be optimal for many writers. There are concerns that the release of sub-standard material by some less self-critical, and therefore less rigourous writers, can harm publishing in gereral. The argument is that readers will be discouraged from reading by the need to trawl through reems of rubbish in order to find an occassional gem. The second principle objection to self-publication is that the writer will harm their own future chances of publishing with an established publishing company. Again, it is the publication of sub-standard material that is the principal concern.

Even in the absence of the experience, resources and skill-base of large publishing companies, it is still possible to strive for quality. We owe it to ourselves to be critical and rigourous in our approaches to publishing. Even if we can not always match large publishing companies, if we do opt to follow a smaller scale route then it is encumbant upon us to work even harder than would be required if we were backed by an established publisher. It is only through such attention to detail that we can hope that, at some point, our efforts will be noticed, promoted or even taken on by reputable agents and publishers.

Ampurlife Books exists to assist writers who would like to take a self-publishing approach using ebook and print-on-demand publishing. There are many writers who need support to acheive this and Ampurlife Books can support a limited number of writers to acheive this.

Ampurlife Books is not a vanity publisher which means that we do not demand that our writers purchase their own stock. If you are an aspiring writer then please see our Resources for more details. Contracted writers are not required to purchase copies of their book as a condition of publication.

Cancer Research

Ampurlife Books supports Cancer Research

Ampurlife Books supports Cancer Research because the benefits are not restricted to one country but will propagate to help people around the world regardless of creed or ethnicity. Research conducted to date is directly helping those suffering today, whilst current research will provide real benefits to the sufferers of tomorrow. Cancer touches every family making cancer research universally relevant.

Cancer Research

In the 1970s, less than a quarter of people with cancer in the UK survived. Over the last 40 years, thanks to research, survival has doubled. Today half will survive. The charity, Cancer Research UK, aims to accelerate progress and see three in four patients surviving the disease by 2034.


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