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What if we made our books travel?

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The Concept of Book Sharing

Many people pass a good book on to a freind after they have finished enjoying it but many of us also end up with quite a library of books which we are unlikely to read again. These books sit gathering dust on our bookshelves or are boxed-up into the loft where they don't see the light of day until a panicked sort-out is caused by moving home or bereavement. Another, and I think better, way of treating our used books is to give them away.

Many years ago I found a book in a bus station which had a sticker on the front saying "Pick Me Up - I am Free". The book had been left in the bus station as the result of someones bright idea to encourage people to share their used books with strangers. I don't remember who was promoting the idea but I do remember thinking that it was brilliant that I was able to enjoy the free read. Of course, I likewise passed on the book when I had finished it.

Hit the Hold

Ampurlife Book Sharing

That basic idea came back to me as a way of engaging people with cancer support through Hit the Hold. It seemed a good way to increase access to books and, at the same time, help support Hit the Hold's charitable aims. Perhaps those stray books left in coffee shops and bus stations displaying a "Pick Me Up - I am Free" sticker may even provoke a reluctant-reader into becoming an avid one.

We cannot take any credit for this idea. Many people are informally book sharing by leaving their finished books in public places. However, rather than just leaving your used books, why not announce that they have been left deliberately by placing an - I'M FREE - sticker on the cover. People can then have confidence that the book was not left accidently with the owner racing back to retreave their unfinished read.

Globe trotting

Globe-trotting Books

In addition to placing a sticker on the front, another good idea is to write down inside the book, your nationality and the country where you became the holder of the book. In that way, each book is a record of the places in the world that it has visited and the nationalities of the people who have read it. We would be very interested to see bookshare book photos from around the world also read details of the journey's that you discover recorded by sharing hands on inside covers.

Remember, we are not just talking about books produced and distributed by Ampurlife Books. This is something that you can enjoy doing with any book. I know how much we are all now turning to electronic books on our tablets and smartphones but the paper book isn't dead yet. Let's have some fun with it. For example, I doubt any books have summitted Mount Everest but I bet there are a great many that have been half way up.

Bookshare labelling

sticky labels

We have created a sticker template that can be used to pass your own sheets of sticky labels through your home printer. Our labels look like the one to the left.

Our labels are based on AVERY Standards but paper sizes differ in the UK and the USA. For this reason we have provided templates for both.

Please note: You should normally switch off auto-scale, centre and resize. It is also advisable to print out a test sheet on your printer and make any necessary adjustments before printing on your labels.

Bookshare labels USA

Labels for use in the USA are compatable with Avery 6871 labels,
size 1-1/4" x 2-3/8", 18 per sheet

Please use sticker template AmpUSAlabels18.pdf


Bookshare labels for UK and EU

Labels for use in the UK and the EU are compatable with Avery J8160,
63.5 x 38.1 mm, 21 per sheet

Please use sticker template AmpUKlabels21.pdf

Cancer Research

Ampurlife Books supports Cancer Research

Ampurlife Books supports Cancer Research because the benefits are not restricted to one country but will propagate to help people around the world regardless of creed or ethnicity. Research conducted to date is directly helping those suffering today, whilst current research will provide real benefits to the sufferers of tomorrow. Cancer touches every family making cancer research universally relevant.

Cancer Research

In the 1970s, less than a quarter of people with cancer in the UK survived. Over the last 40 years, thanks to research, survival has doubled. Today half will survive. The charity, Cancer Research UK, aims to accelerate progress and see three in four patients surviving the disease by 2034.


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