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Featured Release: Write with Flash

Learn how to write fiction and nonfiction

Learn how to Write with Flash: Memoir, Biography, Fact and Fiction

written by Dr Stephen Mark Richards

Illustrations by Joyce Richards

Flash is a writing form that can help aspiring writers transform their ideas into completed works and Write with Flash aims to show how that can be achieved.

Many people have written books but their number pales into insignificance when compared to the number of people who would like to write a book but never do. This does not mean that those unwritten books would have been without merit. On the contrary, what it really means is that millions of fascinating stories go to the grave with their would-be creators. The sad fact is, the unique qualities that each of those potential creators would have brought to those untold stories were never shared.

Without doubt, there are more unnoticed people with the potential to shine than are ever discovered. Only by sharing your light can anyone see how uniquely your light shines.

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Learn how to write fiction and nonfiction Companion

Write with Flash Companion

written by Dr Stephen Mark Richards and the Liskeard Writers

Illustrations by Joyce Richards

Featured writers: Stephen Mark Richards; Mary Hickman; Jenny De-Ville; Julie Newman; Linda Brice; Peter Hopkins; Beverley Etherington; Jean Wills; Mary Curd, Kevin Markwell.

This illustrated collection of twenty-eight short stories by the Liskeard Writers Group presents a variety of writing styles and story genres for your entertainment. However, it is also a companion volume to Write with Flash: Memoir, Biography, Fact and Fiction, which uses the flash writing format to help aspiring writers transform their ideas into completed works.

If you are an aspiring writer then develop your skills by applying the Write with Flash Toolkit to these short stories.


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Other Releases

True-life Travel Adventure

Conquering America

written by Stephen Mark Richards

Conquering America is the collected trilogy of Tornado Spring, Wild Summer and Desert Winter brought together in a single volume.

Explore the United States from a unique perspective as you are taken on a journey of excitement and adventure. Experience American cultures and natural treasures as never before on a roller-coaster trip from sadness and fear to joy and wonder. By the time you reach the end you will be eager to do it all again but this time you will surely be the traveller yourself.

This book was prompted by the successful completion of an epic journey around America and the publication of three books: Tornado Spring; Wild Summer and Desert Winter which document the author’s adventures. Conquering America brings together these three books to present, for the first time, the entire adventure in a single volume. In the original books, Tornado Spring was written day-by-day, sometimes using the present tense to highlight the emotional ride experienced on such an adventure, whilst Wild Summer and Desert Winter were written retrospectively, providing a fascinating contrast of styles. Inspiration was found in both urban and natural settings, through encounters with people, animals and environments. This created interactions that were at times exciting and interesting, and at others sad, joyous or downright terrifying. Throughout, the author relates events to the political world and his intimate past. He provides fascinating insights from the view of a stranger who discovers an America which is often at odds with its image. His open-minded approach sheds light on a culture and a country of which every American should feel proud.

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Magical History Tours

Magical History Tours: Eastern USA

written by Josie Odber

Find out more about Dr Josie Odber <CLICK HERE>

Many Americans enjoy exploring Europe because of its history and yet American history is just as fascinating. While travelling through the United States it was impossible to avoid its history; it was all around. The story of America that we experienced was not driven by a chronological passageway through facts and dates, but by arriving at places and listening to the people and their stories. Such a history is alive. Each place we visited had its own place in the grand story of the USA and wanted to tell the world about it. This is their story.

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Holly Marie and the Small Tall Tree

Holly Marie and the Small Tall Tree

written by Dr Stephen M Richards

Illustrations by Joyce Richards and Stephen M Richards

Age Range 3 to 8

Observation is the basis of knowledge in both the arts and the sciences. We are not born with all the tools and formal skills required to make sense of the world but rather, we develop these skills over time. For over 50 years, psychologists have known that these skills develop in stages during childhood but until now there has been little in the way of book-based education to support this crucial aspect of child development. At last, in Holly Marie, we have the tools to enable our children to develop their understanding of the world. Why should we make our children wait to learn incidentally when we can show them how to better understand the world around them.

Several books and formats are currently available or will be released in the near future including: Large book formats, Full colour, Colouring books and Parent/Teacher Guide.

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Tornado Spring

Tornado Spring

written by Stephen Mark Richards

The average number of tornados in the USA for the month of April is normally around 135 but in April 2011 there were over 600. It was the worst month for tornados in United States records. On April 27th there were over 190 tornados recorded, the most ever in a single day. The tornado outbreak of April 2011 killed over 350 people, 65 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 27th alone. This was the deadliest tornado outbreak in over 85 years. It was at the beginning of April 2011 that we embarked on our journey with the aim of driving a motorhome around the USA. We planned to complete the tour in three stages the first of which would take us from Florida in the south up the eastern side of America to the Canadian border. We were not to know that we would be travelling the full height of the United States during the worst tornado outbreak on record. This is the true story of that journey.

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Wild Summer

Wild Summer

written by Stephen Mark Richards

Of course adventure is for the rich and famous but it is also for ordinary people too. Anniversaries or even a New Year resolution will suffice to focus the mind and help to make things happen. Any year is a good year for an adventure and any excuse is a good excuse too. All we need is the inspiration, the determination and the desire. This book tells the story of the second stage of our around North America journey. On this journey, the second of three stages, we travelled from Chicago to San Francisco, visiting the Yellowstone super-volcano and encountering bears, elk, moose and whales along the way. We travelled west through the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean up through Canada's Cascade Mountains and then south, through the giant coastal redwood forests, to San Francisco. Wild Summer tells the trials and tribulations of that voyage.

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Desert Winter

Desert Winter

written by Stephen Mark Richards

Experience the smiles, laughter, excitement, sadness and fear in this keenly observed true story of exploration and adventure. Richards puts himself at the centre of events and then interprets them based upon his interesting and varied life history. The honesty of his personal accounts provides powerful insights into culture, people and relationships whilst his ability to describe places, events, emotions and memories seamlessly transports the reader between the past and present on amazing journeys with breath-taking pace. Desert Winter takes us on an adventure of a life-time, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, traversing the southern United States. The journey leads us through mountains, giant redwood forests, and deserts to large cities, natural wonders, national treasures and even alien encounters. It carries us to the edge of the precipice, within swiping distance of bears claws and striking range of a rattlesnakes fangs. Wandering streets from urban wonders to urban dereliction we gain insights into American culture from the perspective of an outsider. Vicariously revel in the adventure or grasp the encouragement to travel - the choice yours.

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Hit the Hold

Hit the Hold

written by Et Skram

People of all ages, children and adults alike, are stimulated by: facts stranger than fiction; surprising revelations; true-life adventures; close encounters in the wild; and cultures in all their incredible variety. This insight into the mysterious world of the snowbird brings all these elements together in a true story which encompasses time from prehistory to the present along with locations from around the world and beyond. The result will leave you more fascinated, more interested and even more curious than ever before.

Hit the Hold also serves a public service function aimed at promoting whole-person care in both the supporting of, and in the medical treatment of those suffering from a life changing illness, condition or injury. Et Skram has donated his profits from Hit the Hold to support charities which help people who are struggling with life-changing illnesses, conditions or injuries.

Find out more at:

Hit the
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Ampurlife Books supports Cancer Research because the benefits are not restricted to one country but will propagate to help people around the world regardless of creed or ethnicity. Research conducted to date is directly helping those suffering today, whilst current research will provide real benefits to the sufferers of tomorrow. Cancer touches every family making cancer research universally relevant.

Cancer Research

In the 1970s, less than a quarter of people with cancer in the UK survived. Over the last 40 years, thanks to research, survival has doubled. Today half will survive. The charity, Cancer Research UK, aims to accelerate progress and see three in four patients surviving the disease by 2034.


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