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Becoming an Ampurlife Author

We are not currently accepting submissions but please check with us again. The following information is useful to help you decide if Ampurlife Books are compatible with your aspirations. Please read all of the following information before submitting any proposal.

Ampurlife Books currently specialises in travel and general non-fiction. Although we do publish fiction and children’s books we are not currently looking for submissions in those areas. Any submission must already be in a completed form as do not commission unfinished books.

During periods when submissions are accepted, please submit your covering letter as an email with your work attached in a single Word/.doc file (not email embedded or in PDFs format).

Your attached file must contain the first two chapters of the proposed book. To help locate submissions you must always use the title of your submission (or the first 5 words of the title if it is very long) as the subject line of your email.

Your covering letter should contain a proposed title, synopsis explaining the aim and scope of your book, a chapter breakdown of the full manuscript; specification of the target audience, and details of a few relevant competing titles. You will also need to include pertinent information about your existing audience or platform (social media following, talking experience and notable publications).

Submissions to be sent to:

Submission Checklist:

Covering letter (as an email) containing the following:
1. Full name, address and contact details
2. Proposed title
3. Synopsis explaining the aim and scope of your book
4. Chapter breakdown of the full manuscript
5. Specification of the target audience
6. Details of a few relevant competing titles
7. Pertinent information about your existing audience or author platform
8. A single attached file containing the first two chapters of the proposed book

Please fully error check your full submission before sending.

You will need to send your submission in full as we cannot respond to incomplete submissions. We reply to submissions as soon as possible but please allow two months before checking progress. Contact should be by email as this will enable us to track down your manuscript and assess progress. Always use the same manuscript name as the email subject line and state your name, the full title of the manuscript and the submission date at the top of your email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

If we reject your submission, we will not provide detailed feedback or make recommendations. There are many reasons for rejection and it does not necessarily reflect on the quality of your work.

As a micro-publishing concern our aim is to facilitate aspiring writers publish their work through Print –On-Demand (POD) services. If you already publish through POD and Amazon Kindle then it is unlikely that we will be able to assist you further.

We may provide any or all of the following assistance services. These services involve royalty contracts with authors and will never require pre-payments from a submitting author:
1. Cover design and production
2. Document formatting and layout
3. Image processing support
4. Print on demand publication
5. Ebook programming and preparation
6. Kindle conversion
7. Amazon Kindle publishing

Contracted writers are never required to purchase copies of their book as a condition of publication. This does not preclude authors rights to do so at their own discretion.

We will help to provide some limited guidance on promoting your work but you will be responsible for generating sales for your book. Please, ensure that you keep a copy of your submission as we cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of your submitted work. Do not send original hardcopy manuscripts, artwork or photographs to our postal address.

Cancer Research

Ampurlife Books supports Cancer Research

Ampurlife Books supports Cancer Research because the benefits are not restricted to one country but will propagate to help people around the world regardless of creed or ethnicity. Research conducted to date is directly helping those suffering today, whilst current research will provide real benefits to the sufferers of tomorrow. Cancer touches every family making cancer research universally relevant.

Cancer Research

In the 1970s, less than a quarter of people with cancer in the UK survived. Over the last 40 years, thanks to research, survival has doubled. Today half will survive. The charity, Cancer Research UK, aims to accelerate progress and see three in four patients surviving the disease by 2034.


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