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Biography: Dr Stephen Mark Richards

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Stephen Mark Richards

Dr Stephen Mark Richards has variously been called academic, adventurer, scientist and author. He was born in Middlesbrough, UK in 1961 and holds degrees in Psychology (first class), Informatics and Human-Machine Interaction. He is also a qualified teacher and Chartered Psychologist.

Scientist and Academic
Dr Richards was a pioneer of electronic book research and was developing multimedia electronic books as early as the late 1980’s. By 1991, he had created the first of his electronic books (a book for early learners) which was piloted in schools 16 years before the Kindle was launched in 2007. In the scientific papers written by Dr Richards (some collaborative) he identified key design principles as early as 1991 [1]. Dr Richards completed his Doctorate in 1994, titled ‘End-user Interfaces for Electronic Books’. Some of his contributions to the scientific literature include: [1] Page structures for electronic books, [2] Human-computer interface design for electronic books, [3] The use of metaphors in iconic interface design, and [4] Knowledge sharing through electronic course delivery. He has presented this research throughout Britain, Europe and the USA. Dr Richards also worked in his capacity as a psychologist in research into HIV/AIDS and co-authored a scientific paper in [5] AIDS Patient Care.

Adventurer and Author
Whilst still a teenager Stephen travelled independently throughout Europe and from his early 20’s he broadened his travels to include Africa, Asia and America. In search of adventure, Stephen has undertaken long distance international voyages by motorboats, sailing boats, bicycles, motorcycles and motorhomes. Throughout, he has specialised in seeking out adventures that are accessible to a wide range of people and always tries to include experiences that do not require exceptional physical prowess, stamina or bravery. His books are inspirational, bringing adventure to a wide audience, encouraging some to undertake adventures while allowing others to experience them from the comfort of their own homes.